Between Forests and Skies

Project :  Temporary Pavilion
Location : Victoria and Albert Museum, London 
Design Team : Brando Posocco, Madhav Kidao
Engineering: Format Engineers 
Fabrication: Littlehampton Welding 
Status :  Completed 

We were commissioned by the V&A to design an immersive, low carbon aluminum pavilion in the John Madejski Garden.

The design uses a minimal volume of material to create a seemingly delicate yet robust structure to demonstrate the unique qualities of aluminum.

The structure is self-supporting, utilising the innate strength of the aluminum despite its razor thin profile.

The space formed is a manufactured forest, an unnatural imitation of our natural environment. The reflectivity of the aluminium is mirrored in the reflectivity of the water. The experience of the pavilion is a dreamlike state between the sky and the reflection of the sky; the world and the reflection of the world. It shifts and changes throughout the day as the environment and activities that are reflected around it change.

Working with plate material and through minimal cuts and bends, the design transforms a 2D object into an articulated 3D space. The innate strength of the material coupled with algorithmically solved leg positions allowed for a self supporting structure that lands onto the ground with as minimal impact as possible. It is formally a pure product and representation of its fabrication and structural system.

The project has been tracked from its extraction to production to fabrication and installation. The eventual fate of the project is to be fully recycled at a smelting facility where it will be melted back into aluminium ingot for a multitude of other uses.