Salvador Dali riding a Carnielli Graziella

Carnielli Factory

Project :  Commissioned feasibility study for a disused bicycle factory  /
                   Architectural design
Location : Citta’ di Vittorio Veneto, Italy
Client : Vittorio Veneto Municipal Council /
                Alì S.p.A.
Status: On going

The Carnielli factory in the center of Vittorio Veneto used to produce the iconic Carnielli Graziella bicycle however has stood deralict for many years since closing down. We were approached by the council to develop an outline scheme for the rennovation and reuse of the extensive collection of former workshops, warehouses and offices. We have looked at how to bring civic functions into space in equal importance to renewed retail and commercial area.

This scheme provides a benchmark and guideline for the future development of the site.