The Tighten Table is range of household, display and exhibition tables each created from a single sheet of hand-polished, recycled aluminium, manually bent and tensioned with ratchet straps. The series originates as a study into manufacturing a razor thin, functional table using a minimal volume of material. There is a conscious focus upon the life cycle of a product combining bespoke yet fully recyclable aluminium with off the shelf yet reusable strapping. As with much of our work the aesthetic aims to be a manifestation of its own fabrication and engineering.

Tighten Table

Project :  Furniture
Location : London - UK
Client : Self Initiated
Status : Complete


The fabrication of the tables is a contrast of machine precision with brute force. Waterjet incisions are made into the aluminium that allow for the legs to be cold bent by hand. Ratchet straps are woven through the metal, with their incremental tensioning bringing stability and rigidity to the table. The final product exists only in equilibrium of flex and tension