Liudas Truikys , AIDA Act 1 Scene 3,  1975

Vilnius National Concert Hall

Project :  Concert Hall
Location : Vilnius - Lithuania
Design Team : Brando Posocco, Madhav Kidao
Status :  Competition Entry

The National Concert Hall is designed as a series of linear spaces organised around a central corridor running the length of the building. This creates flexible, coherent and easily navigable internal public spaces, linking all the primary functions of the building through a single artery.

The spaces grow and expand dependent on their functions forming the primary massing of the building. Functions are clustered around shared requirements to maximise efficiency and flexibility.

The envelope of the building addresses the immense scale of the building and begins to break down the facade through stacked rotated walls. The facade is formed by up to 3 levels of alternating angled walls with large vertical glazing panels in between. The walls sail past the glazing line both internally and externally to create depth and dramatic visual complexity and striking patterns of light and shadow.

The bottom layer is clad in rough cut stone to accentuate the relationship between the building and the landscape, whilst simultaneously creating a monumental, richly tactile plinth. The upper levels of the facade are clad in a multi glazed Architectural ceramic bringing vivid and mesmerising colour, light and reflection to the building.